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Montessori Spielsachen & handgemachte , personalisierte Produkte

Why Tantino?

We sew toys with a needle, with thread and with love. Our toys are Montessori inspired, that means that we are trying to keep the right proportions between all the elements, to keep the activities in touch with real life. For example: a cat is smaller than a dog, and a cat can't smile, but it can drink milk. Our toys are age differentiated so that you, as a parent can buy a proper toy for your child. We sew by hand and with a sewing machine. All the embroideries are machine made and the cutting is both hand and laser. We only use cotton fabrics and felt. Safety is a high priority for us, so we make sure that all the small and the removable parts are very well sewn. We, first of all are parents, and the Tantino Toys are made first off all for our children.

Just received the onesie from TantinoShop and I'm in looove! It's honestly perfect: The quality in the fabric and the stitching is top notch – and it's just so cute it hurts ...So, so happy I came across TantinoShop and was able to get a costum-made piece for my pregnant bestfriend. I know she'll love it just as much as I do :)Added bonus: Gabriel has been so serviceminded and helpful from start to finish, and made sure I got exactly what I wanted. Thank you!Definitely recommending this shop to my friends. (Or actually, maybe not, then I'll be the only one with the amazing gifts ...)

Angelica on etsy
On 30 Nov 2020

About Us

Ancuta Stoian


When my son was 6 months old I bought him a felt quiet book wich he loved. But, though I got to choose the activities that I wanted, I wasn't sattisfied with the way it was made and with the materials that the manufacter used. So, when he turn 1 I deciden to buy some materials and to try to make him a new book. I loved making that book so I decided to make another one for my son's friend. And that's how it all begun. I decided that this was something that I was made tot do. Now, almost 3 years after, I have another daughter, a partner in business, a place of our own and our toys have travelled around the world. Thank you for trusting us!